Official Site Re-Writes History in Hernandez Quiz.

By Gursimran Hans

Basking in adulation after finally signing Javier Hernandez, the club put in their website, a quiz where fans can answer questions about the Mexican star.

However, the quiz appears to re-write history.

Question nine asked: “In 2008, Hernandez became the first Mexican to…” giving the options as “Score a hat-trick at Wembley Stadium”, “Appear in a Champions League Final” and “Score four goals in an international match”.

The answer is apparently “appear  in a Champions League final.”

But the slight issue here is that Hernandez didn’t appear in the 2008 Champions League final, in which Manchester United beat Chelsea on penalties.

He was a Chivas player at the time, and if he did, he wouldn’t be the first as Rafael Marquez played in and won the 2006 Champions League final with Barcelona.

Hernandez has appeared in a Champions League final but it was in 2011.

Someone hasn’t done their research properly. Oh dear.



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